About Us

Working together to achieve more!

Established Committees

School Accountability

Focuses on curricula, school policies, and board members in our local schools who are pushing common core, critical race theory, and other unconstitutional agendas.

Local & State Government

Focuses on government policies and candidates that affect our community. Holds representatives accountable and advocates for election integrity where prudent.


  • Develops a yearly communications plan
  • Distributes press releases
  • Maintains website content
  • Builds relationships with news outlets & social media platforms


  • Promote PAC growth
  • Develop member involvement


  • Builds a financial foundation that supports PAC programs and operational expenses
  • Considers monetary support for issues and candidates that align with our PAC values

The Price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance

– Thomas Jefferson

At PCIG we value both ‘decision makers’ and those willing to put ‘boots-on-the-ground’
as we all work together to make positive impacts for our community. 
Time, Treasure & Talent are the keys to mutual success and continued freedoms.